The Amazing Imaginary Fancy Clothes Trick

I’m sitting here with Ezra and he’s lying on his back on the bed. We’ve just changed a diaper and he’s happy to be fresh and clean. Now his body is active and his face is animated and I have no idea what he’s thinking.

But if I read his body language correctly, all the jerks and wiggles and smiles and coos seem to suggest he thinks he’s up to something special.

His arms are raised in front of him at odd angles, making tiny, jerky circles in the air. Then his arms slow down and he makes a pursed-lipped coo. His eyes, bright and dazzly, scan my face and his face turns slightly away to one side. It all seems to communicate: “This is the fanciest outfit I’ve ever put on, aren’t I fancy?”

His hands are poking out of his sleeves — fancy sleeves, he may be thinking, showing me one arm and then raising another, pursed-lips and bright eyes.

His poking hands are wringing something, but what? He’s clearly not fussing over some worry or other, his eyes still big and happy. His fingers get hold of a sleeve and this is a clue: he’s trying to fasten the cuff links on his fancy sleeves!
Suddenly all activity halts. For a short moment he looks attentive, like he’s being let in on a secret. Then his little forehead crinkles up and his eyes squeeze shut. “Khchu.” A tiny little sneeze. Followed by a tiny “ghoo,” as if to say, “Well that was a surprise, but yes, I feel relieved, better, in fact, than I thought I could be.”

Then back to the cufflinks. Now his legs are moving, too, like he’s added a unicycle to the mix, only the wheel seems to be wobbly or flat, by the jerks his legs are making. Amazing! Cufflinks and a unicycle! He really is fancy!

All the while, I’m just sitting here, smiling and cooing back at him, in awe of his fancy tricks.


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