Differences Between Brothers


Having two kids of the same gender is a natural opportunity to compare and contrast. I look forward to the unfolding of both my boys’ personalities, talents and interests. Will one be a bookworm while the other is overbooked with sporting activities? Will one laugh out loud at every opportunity while the other cracks jokes without the hint of a smile? Will one need a little help to achieve more than he’s apt to do on his own while the other needs help learning to relax about perfection?

These are all bigger questions than we need to concern ourselves with at this point, except to remember this: My belief in them will translate to how I treat them, and how I treat them will translate to their success, in whatever they do. It’s really the same with anybody, isn’t it?

I took this photo, by the way, on a walk last year on Fathers’ Day. These shoes were arranged just like this on the sidewalk in front of a house where I can only imagine adventures took place similar to our own.


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