Asher’s Corner


 One day as I was cleaning up the guest bedroom after the last of a string of guests, I put a couple pillows and a blanket in the corner for Asher; he likes to be where I am when I’m home all weekend. I figured we would just finish up and he’d follow me out and we’d do whatever was next. He made himself comfortable with a train book and sat for more than half an hour, quite something  for Mr. Non-Stop-Motor. We’ve left the corner just like it was and occasionally he returns for another relaxing getaway. 


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  1. magpiegirl777

    So sweet! This reminds me of Eden’s “domain”…we had to give her a hide out in a nook behind the curtain when she got over stimulated. She’s outgrown the need for it now, but it was a lifesaver for awhile!

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