Who’s Who In The Scratchy Sweater?

Can you tell which one is Asher and which one is Ezra? Same sweater, same age about.


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5 responses to “Who’s Who In The Scratchy Sweater?

  1. magpiegirl777

    is that asher on the right?

  2. neil

    Indeed. Well done. Asher’s face was a bit more chunky than Ezra’s is and Ezra has what everybody characterizes as “sweet” eyes. Asher always had a look like he knew something about you that you didn’t (not in this photo) and Ezra has more of a “please pick me up” plea in his face. Of course, I think they’re both delicious.

  3. Aunt Sara

    You can’t trick me! Ezra on left and Asher on right. Clever, but no trickery here! I can’t mistake those big blue eys of Ezra’s.

  4. magpiegirl777

    tee hee! i actually was thinking, hmmmm kid on the right is a little yellow. could be the lighting…or was Asher a bit jaundiced from coming early? i’ll guess the right…

    kiss those bebes for me!

  5. neil

    Indeed, the lighting was a bit yellow. Asher was actually late, nearly 2 weeks. He was little like he was early, but he was bigger than Ezra!

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