I stepped into the quiet living room and looked out the window to see Neil holding Ezra in the Bjorn and Asher walking a few steps behind. They are coming home from the park. I could have given a quick glance and then busily done a few more things like wipe down the kitchen counter or put my clothes away  from the suitcase that has been sitting on the floor now for three days. But I didn’t, I watched. Asher walked behind Neil and then moved into a sporty run; arms bent and moving like a sloppy runner, but nonetheless a runner. I hear Asher’s voice in my head, ‘I’m so sporty!’  Asher gets to the curb with a bouncy jump, and I can see Neil’s lips moving and an out stretched arm cautioning Asher to wait and safely cross the street.  He waits and then they all three cross.  Asher’s arms are crossed.  His 3 year old self asserting his independence. I smile.  Asher does that with me, too, but it looks so comical from afar. They are out of sight now and a few moments later I hear a burst of exuberant words coming inside the house, “Hi, Mom!, Hi!” My heart melts to the sound of Asher’s voice and his excitement to see me. Those ordinary movements I observed and those ordinary words I heard became not so ordinary because I chose to watch, to observe, to delight. I feel so much joy as a parent when I choose to live in the now, when I choose to delight in the ordinary.
Do you have an “ordinary” story to share of your own? If so, share in the comments section. We’d love to delight with you.

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  1. Shelli,

    It’s so great to hear your voice on the family blog! I’ve been missing you lately. Paul put a gadget on my computer side bar and it rolls through all the photos in my pictures file. There is one really cute one of you and Catie at a Passover supper — Cate is probably about the age Asher is now! We were talking the other day about how you dubbed her “love bug” and how Neil named the “cherioo station.”

    Today Cate brought me three pieces of oddly cut felt because she was ‘making Pooh Bear a sweater.’ She’d tried this before with coils of ‘yarn snake’ she’d made by finger knitting. Alas, no success! I was trying to unpack my office, but managed to put that aside (with great self restraint) and unselfishly help her with her little project. It was a good time of noticing the ordinary — in this case, Cate making treasures out of nothing. I’ll put a pic of Pooh in his finery on our family site when we finish it. (We only need to embroider his name on the ‘sweater’ now!)

    Love to you.


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