“I’m Three!”

Eating his favorite cake (\

Eating his favorite cake — “toclate” — at 3…


Asher has been saying he’s three now for a long time, he’s only been officially right since March 31st.
3 words to describe Asher from Mama: funny, active, and expressive.
3 words to describe Asher from Papa: bouncy, smart-silly, and friendly
Asher’s interview:
Mama: “Asher, what are 3 kinds of food you like to eat?”
Asher: “Pizza, mac-n-cheese, and edamame.”
Mama: “Asher, what are 3 things you like to do outside?”
Asher: “mow the lawn at Uncle Mark’s with no pants on, I like to ride my tricycle, and play soccer and bouncy ball.”
Mama: “Asher, can you tell me 3 kinds of books you like to read?”
Asher: “Construction, trucks, and animals.”
Mama: “Which animals are your favorite to read about?”
Asher: “Rabbits, kitty cats, and monkeys.”
Mama: “What are 3 kinds of vehicles you like?”
Asher: “Fork lifts, Hook-and-ladder truck, and cement mixer.”
Mama: “Where are 3 places you like to go?”
Asher: “To see construction vehicles, to see animals at the zoo, the park.”
Mama: “What 3 things are you afraid of?”
Asher: “Emus, elk, and lions.”
3 words from Mama and Papa: WE LOVE YOU!
Asher spent his birthday in Omaha with Grandma Diane and Grandpa Don, Uncle Mark, and Aunt Sara. We went to the zoo. We didn’t see emus, elk, or lions. We did see snakes, turtles, and armadillos.



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2 responses to ““I’m Three!”

  1. Grandma Diane

    The greatest joy a grandma could have is looking at her darling grandchildren. They are so precious. When you can’t live close to them it is so nice to have these pictures. I look at them every day at work. They are so cute.

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