Friday Mornings, Friday Afternoons


Every Friday morning Asher goes to his Lil’ Kickers Soccer class. It’s the funniest thing, 2 and 3 year olds playing various ball games that involve some kind of imaginative play like planting trees (cones) and then putting nests on them (some cone-like dish) and then knocking down all the trees (Asher’s favorite part) or kicking balls into the net and then going down the line to high-five their “teammates.” There are always lots of chuckles, as you can imagine. Asher also likes playing a game called “Wake Up, Fred!” Here is how Asher describes this game… If only you could here his little voice, it’s quite expressive.
“You kick the ball against the wall. And then you yell, “WAKE UP FRED! SO, SO LOUD! Then you put your ear up against the wall and listen for Fred. Fred is a little, tiny mouse that runs around all night. And then you sit down. And then you go bye-bye after that.”
Asher particularly likes Coach Storie as she thinks Asher is funny and she plays funny games with him. He frequently ends up in her lap or sitting next to her. They end the class with everyone getting multiple stamps on their hands and tummy. Aaaahhh… Lil’ Kickers, a nice way to spend a Friday morning.
You know the hours, the hours between 4-6 pm, where waiting for Papa to come home kinda drags on and on and on… and you need to start making dinner, etc. So, whenever I feel the ‘dragging on’ starting to get the better of me I have to consciously make an effort to make the afternoon, especially Friday afternoon, fun for all! I often think of my other mommy friends at home and I wonder what they are doing in those exact moments. It makes me feel not so isolated. So, I will share what we did last Friday afternoon and would love to hear other ideas of what to do during those sometimes long hours.
Friday afternoon turned out to be a little cool outside and I was feeling a little chilly. I opened the cupboard to get some Spring Mint Green Tea and I spotted some of Asher’s special tea, Just For Kids Nighty Night Calming and Relaxing Tea. (I actually bought this tea for Asher a long time ago thinking that maybe, just maybe this would be the key to him sleeping really well at night. Well, we still have half the box, so I guess it didn’t really work). Anyways, I decided to wait until Asher woke up from his nap to have my tea and I would offer him a choice of either his special tea or some hot chocolate (another favorite chilly time drink) and a lemon currant cookie. He surprisingly chose the tea. We made tea and he wanted it in a big boy mug. “Asher, do you want to play Animal Bingo?” “Yea!” he enthusiastically responded. So we go to the table with our tea and lemon currant cookies and play Animal Bingo while Ezra just takes it all in. I highly recommend this game for 2 1/2 years on up. The illustrations are so well done and colorful and they have fun and interesting animals for children to learn like Ibex and  Hedgehog and Beetle. It was a gift for Asher from our neighbors here in Denver, so I’m not sure where to purchase it, but the brand is eeBoo. It’s also great to play with a group of kids if you’re having a playdate. This game engaged my active little monkey for a good hour or so and Mama had fun playing as well. I do loves games, so it doesn’t take much to get me to play a game, even a kids game! 🙂 Next, it is time to make dinner. I stuck Ezra in the Bjorn and started gathering ingredients. We were having a Tomato and Lentil Stew and as I got out the lentils from the pantry I thought I could pour some in a tupperware for Asher and give him some measuring cups, spoons, etc. and he could play next to me while I cook. He loves sensory play; dried beans or rice works nicely as well. As I was chopping vegetables, I would glance over and see him spooning the lentils into the measuring cups, leveling off the lentils in the teaspoons like you do when you bake, and bringing his stuffed dog to the tub to come and eat his “dog food.” I love how young kids use their imagination; we don’t even have a dog. I was just mostly pleased that he thought to say dog food and not dog poop as poop has become a frequent word around our house. What is it with boys and poop? Anyways, this kept Asher occupied the whole time I made dinner. He has asked to do “Lentil Play” since and I say, “Great!” as long as Asher follows the rule of pick-up with the sweeper and dust pan. So far, so good. Aaaahhh…Tea and cookies, Animal Bingo, and “Lentil Play,” a nice way to spend a Friday afternoon.




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2 responses to “Friday Mornings, Friday Afternoons

  1. Bethany

    Feel ya on the afternoons thing. I have been switching out the macoroni in Annie’s Mac N Cheese for whole wheat macoroni and collecting the regular noodles in a bowl for Gwyneth. She knows where it is and pulls it out along with various measuring spoons and cups and joins me at the counter to ‘cook’ with me. This last Friday we spent the afternoon in the back yard gardening. Gwyneth likes to find worms and line them up deciding which is the Mommy, the Daddy, sister and brother. Okay, this comment is the longest I’ve ever written.

  2. Mandy

    You are such a good mama! That can definitely be a rough 2 hours. Now that the weather is getting nicer, “outside!” Sophia loves to just walk around outside with the older kids. However, she usually gets put in her chair or just wanders around getting into the drawers or whatever else her sweet little hands can get into! 🙂 Love ya!

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