Urban Adventures With Papa


Sometimes on a Saturday morning, Asher and I like to get out of the house early. Well, actually, Asher gets up early and getting the day started without waking up the other two requires that we leave the premises, but anyway… We do like to go downtown and watch construction vehicles do their thing.



These mornings often include a cafe treat.

And a little urban climbing is always on the agenda.



Of course there’s always an art shot. 



I never pass up an opportunity to catch Asher on a city park bench.


We always have fun together and despite the minor struggle to get Asher back to the car, we’re always ready to join Mama and Ezra back at home.



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2 responses to “Urban Adventures With Papa

  1. Grandpa Don

    Great pictures…nice to see “Papa” and Asher enjoying time together. Won’t be long before Ezra will be joining. Do I see a Nebraska sweatshirt?

  2. neil

    Yes, it is a Nebraska sweatshirt. Asher loves it and it looks good on him… and unfortunately the Cornhusker logo wouldn’t scrape off! ; )

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