Can You Say “Photogenic?”


Our last summer visitors have come and gone — the Febus family was here for a long weekend and we had so much fun with them over the short visit. Bethany had a camera in her hand most of the time (along with the accoutrements of parenting her own 3-year and 7-month-olds) and these are 2 of the fantastic shots she got. Thank you, Bethany!



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3 responses to “Can You Say “Photogenic?”

  1. shelli

    Oh my goodness! My heart just melted when I saw these pictures. Bethany, they are awesome! Thank you- I loved how spontaneous you were taking pictures. It was fun and inspiring. Miss you guys already!

  2. Aunt Sara

    We love this picture of little Ezra. SO so cute! We need some of these picture around our house to show off the boys!

  3. Grandma Diane

    I love these pictures of my little grandson’s. It sure is amazing how they take after their “Grandma Diane”, ha, ha. I am so blessed to have such wonderful little grandson’s. I look at this blog every day and miss them very much.

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