First Week of Preschool


We have entered the world of preschool. Everyday Asher goes to the ECE 3’s class at Bill Roberts, which is a 5 min. car ride, 10 min. bike ride, 25 min. walk when it is just me, or a 45 min. bike ride when Asher is riding his tricycle. Most days we opt for the 5 min. car ride or 10 min. bike ride. Asher cried the first 3 days when I dropped him off. However, Mrs. Smith kept reassuring me that he was just fine shortly after I would leave. Even so, it was still hard to leave. My heart would break and I questioned my decision of sending Asher to preschool everyday. But, Thursday and Friday we had no tears! So, maybe it will all be just fine. Asher attends 2 1/2 hours Mon. – Thurs. and 2 hours on Friday. It was a crazy, busy, tired, emotional, exciting week. Asher reports that his days at preschool are good, that he plays with the trains and trucks and thinks he will play with them everyday he goes to school, that he really likes his teacher Mrs. Smith because she likes him, plays with Benjamin, another Asher, Jack and thinks Scottie is funny…something about ants in your pants, plays on the playground, sits on the letter T for Train on the circle rug, likes a song about sausage sizzling in the pan and all of a sudden, one went…BAM!, reads and listens to books, and was excited about Mrs. Smith bringing the airport to school and it was so big. I wish I could be a little fly on the wall and watch my big boy in action. I worry if he’s following directions or getting into trouble, I hope he’s not talking about poop or constantly picking his nose and hope that he loves learning and that his teacher sees all of the funny and special things about him. I hope he doesn’t love his teacher more than me. I wonder if he’s being nice to the other boys and girls and if he uses his polite manners. I wonder if he’ll be a leader or a follower. I wonder if the teachers talk about him after all the kids have left and what they might say… I know, I was a teacher once. I know, I know, this is only preschool. But, whatever I worry or wonder about, because oh, my, this is just the beginning of his school career, I can be assured that when Asher steps into that classroom and I leave, he is not only being taken care of by his teacher, but also by God and lifted up by prayers from his Mama and Papa and loved ones and that makes for a peaceful transition into the world of preschool.



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4 responses to “First Week of Preschool

  1. Renae

    A beautiful post, Shelli. I just wanted you to know that the last sentence actually helped me let go enough to send Simon to the nursery on Sunday Granted, I made Jason drop him off in case I couldn’t let go, Simon was only one of two kids there and the other was sleeping, and I knew the nursery worker very well . . . but still. 🙂

  2. Mandy

    That was really a sweet and beautiful post. Definitely one a mother can identify with! It is so true, all those thoughts that invade your mind so intensely! I love the way you think and express yourself regarding your beautiful children. The posts of the kids were absolutely adorable. Please come back soon!
    Lots of Love,

  3. bethany

    It’s good to hear it’s going well. Asher is so prolific! When I ask gwyneth what she did at oreschool she repeats ‘what did I do?’ As though it was a retorical question. I apreciated your musings. It felt really huge just leaving gwyneth for two days.

  4. emily

    hi sweet shelli,
    just stopped by your page to see how the family is. can’t believe how big the boys are getting! this last post, though, shel is so beautifully written, so honest, especially those questions you voiced that i’m sure every mother can relate to.
    miss you guys so muchy (the “Y” accidentally went in there, but i liked it so i left it)

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