Road Trip!

In June the boys and I hit the road and traveled to Nebraska. I was a bit nervous, but the boys turned out to be superstar travelers! We spent our drive calling out the various vehicles and farm machinery we spotted. And let me tell you there was plenty of calling out and Asher was super content. Our first stop was Kearney, Nebraska where my friend Mandy lives. Her and Shawn have 4 beautiful and wonderful children. They took great care of the boys. Asher loved playing with the “kids” and they had fun running around outside in the middle of the cornfield, making trips to the barn to visit the chickens and watch the oldest boy ride around on the riding lawn mower. The girls loved holding Ezra and were such a great help. Thank you to the Kings for a great time. We’ll be sure to visit again! Next stop was Lincoln to see my friend Renae and Ezra’s first buddy Simon. We had a lovely lunch and visit and of course enjoyed the boys. Thanks Renae! Can’t wait until the next time. Last stop was Grandma and Grandpa’s in Omaha. We really enjoyed ourselves. We had some nice outings. We visited the Botanic Gardens, which I must say is quite impressive. We also went to Mahoney State Park. Asher climbed a big tower and rode a pony at Mahoney! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a fun visit, you always take such good care of us. Well, I won’t be on the road again anytime soon, but I am so glad I decided to brave it and will plan to do so again sometime in the future. I love a good road trip!

p.s. Renae, do you have any pictures of the boys??


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