Annual Ski Trip








Every year Grandma Diane comes to visit Colorado and takes everyone skiing. This year we went to Winter Park. We had a great time staying right on the mountain. This year was the first year Asher tried ski school. He did a great job! I wasn’t sure because he had a nasty cough, but he was excited about his ski gear, especially the new long underwear and goggles Grandma got him. Off he went! Mom and I “spied” on him as we watched him ride the “magic carpet” and attempt to ski down all by himself. He did get a bit sad when he ran into a kid that was just plopped down on the slope. I wanted to go save him but knew if he saw me his day would be over. So, I trusted that the ski instructors would take care of him and walked away hearing him cry and the instructor saying, “Asher, you did a great job…” I knew he would be okay. At the end of the day he reported that he had fun at ski school and would go again. What did Ezra do? He had fun looking out our condo window and playing in the snow. Thanks mom for another great ski trip!!


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  1. Grandma Diane

    What fun we had at the condo in Winter Park. And look at Asher, the little skier! He did so good. And Ezra looking out the window. In a couple more years he’ll be out there skiing. It was a lot of fun at Winterpark. I appreciate everyone going with “Grandma” to the mountain. It is always good memories.

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