Wow! Asher’s 4!!







Asher turned 4 on March 31st. Here is an interview that Mama did with the big 4 year old. You can compare his answers to last year’s 3 year old interview here. Asher celebrated with homemade noodles, chocolate cake, Uncle Mark and Aunt Sara, his friend Asher from preschool who has the same exact birthday, and lots of love and fun gifts. 

4 words to describe Asher from Mama: energetic, clever, friendly, enthusiastic

4 words to describe Asher from Papa: sweet, cuddly, bright, active

4 foods you like to eat: special treats, homemade noodles, peas, and edamame

4  activities you enjoy doing outside: sledding, playing in the mud, playing in the sand and digging big holes, and riding my bike

4 books you enjoy: Best Word Book Ever by Richard Scarry, Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a Diego book, and Truck Song by Diane Siebert

4 animals you like to read about: cheetahs, lions, wildebeests, and gazelles

4 vehicles you love: concrete mixers, diggers, front loaders, and forklifts

4 places you like to go: Perk-n-play, the zoo to go see the lions, the Museum of Nature and Science, and Target to get toys for my birthday

4 things you are afraid of: coyotes, wolves, bears, and darkness

4 words from Mama & Papa: WE LOVE, LOVE YOU!


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