Some Summer Fun

Summer has been busy around our house and the land that we live in. We’ve had fun times of all kinds, and while we would ideally like to keep it all archived and in order for you, some things just get put off day after day. So here are some of my random favorite photos of the past few months, with some notes.

boyland river

Colorado is in large part boyland. Not to say the little ladies would have as much fun doing the same thing; but we have boys, so it’s all about boyland. There are two Ashers (!!) in this photo who happen to share the same birthday. Little brothers in tow.

Ezra in river

Different day, different river, other friends — more fun! Ezra Loves to get right into the cool water to throw rocks.

Ezra best hair

Best Hair award to Ezra. Before I started cutting it again, that is. We won’t be showing those photos. Poor little guy was tripping over stuff, I had to do something!

Asher glamour

I turned on the fan and we had a glamour shoot, which Asher thought was funny.

ezra glamour

Ezra, not so much. Note the foot on the crib railing. Definitely getting closer to being capable of escape.

More proof of fun to come. Stay tuned.



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2 responses to “Some Summer Fun

  1. Grandma Diane

    Great Grandpa would be so proud of his little great grandson’s playing in the stream. I’m sure he had many stories of he and his brothers playing in the creeks and streams. I know he told me many of them. They are so cute. I’m glad you let them explore and be boys. I’m sure they will have many adventures as they grow up exploring the mountains. How lucky those little guys are. I love them dearly.

  2. katie

    Boyland…I LOVE it…as we too live in that land!! Your boys are perfect in every way! Great seeing them…and great to get a glimpse into your CO world! Miss you!!

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