Asher’s 5!! How can this be?

I keep teasing Asher that he can’t get any bigger, “but, Mama, I don’t want to be a baby again…” I don’t want Asher to either, but when I look back at those baby pictures…oh, goodness, my heart melts a bit. I’m sure I’ll be saying this every year!

I like how traditions are starting to form…the birthday banner, homemade noodles, celebrations with family and friends, and an annual outing with his buddy Asher who also has a March 31st birthday! Same name, same birthday, same age!!

Speaking of traditions, here’s our annual interview:

5 words to describe Asher:

from Mama: energetic, talkative, friendly, imaginative, and silly

from Papa: bright, curious, active, selectively focused, and irresistible

5 foods you like to eat: mac-n-cheese, cookies, tortellini, cupcakes, and chicken

5 activities you like doing outside: chalk, riding my scooter, riding my bike, playing baseball, and playing football

5 books you enjoy: truck books, animal books, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, The Boxcar Children, and HONEY…HONEY…LION! by Jan Brett

5 favorite animals: Indian rhino, snow jaguar, tropical rainforest Bengal tiger, cheetah, and zebras

5 vehicles you love: mini digger, backhoe, dump truck, concrete mixer, and the pumper

5 places you like going to in Colorado: the mountains(to see Max & Blake), visit friend’s houses, the zoo, Museum of Nature & Science, and visit the fire station

5 countries/places you want to visit someday: Africa(my favorite country), tropical rainforest, ocean/beach, jungle, and Asia(to see Bengal tigers)

5 things you like to do with our family: walks around the park, go to Central Park, play baseball in the field, read books, play with us



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One response to “Asher’s 5!! How can this be?

  1. Renae

    Happy Birthday, Asher! We love you!

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