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On Ezra’s Second Birthday

Getting ready for play in the snow. Note the spatula in Ezra’s hand. He likes all of the tolls of the kitchen and we recently discovered spatula hockey!
While Asher is typically focused on the particular object of play, Ezra frequently just likes to be involved.
Ezra, Asher’s little shadow.
Ezra likes to be tucked up, in and under anything soft, especially animal friends.

Ezra James Sittler turned two years old yesterday. His birthday was celebrated by family and friends Sunday, and by Asher in particular from sometime shortly after the Christmas presents were opened (Friday) through pretty much the whole of Monday. Little Ezra is loved by a good number of people. I put him in corduroy overalls for his party and he really did take on some of the essence of the well-loved bear of the same name. He is rarely without someone to hold him or follow him around at church, words of adoration are frequently heard from bystanders when we’re out and about, and his big brother can hardly leave him alone, he’s so fun to be with.

Ezra has gone by many nicknames in his two years. One of the first was Mr. Delicious. Puppy and Little Bear came next followed by Widdle (shortened form of Little Bear). Tup-tup is another, somehow expressing the shy little pout he puts on as he shrugs his shoulders on almost any occasion.

Some signs of Ezra’s advancing age include maybe a dozen or more words said with increasing clarity, more big-brother-like-activity, such as throwing and catching balls, and a great sense of humor, though often it seems like he’s laughing at some secret insight he’s got on the life of some mundane object the rest of us take for granted. “Uht,” he exclaims, pointing and giggling in awe at the vacuum cleaner cord disappearing around the corner or at the discovery of a pocket in a new pair of pants.

One of his best words is also one of his favorite foods: oatmeal. It comes out sounding a bit more like Ohp-Mow, but he clearly knows what he’s talking about and he can throw down 2 adult servings in one setting. Consequently, the Betta fish he got for his birthday was named oatmeal, despite the fact that it’s red.

Ezra’s favorite things to do include anything that his big brother does. Besides that, he enjoys watching Papa make tea or coffee, watching the blender or mixer go around when Mama’s baking, and playing with trucks , cars, motorcycles and especially balls. He also enjoys music of all kinds.

Ezra has a natural sweetness that comes out at surprisingly approriate times. He freely gives kisses and hugs and once when cuddled up with Asher and Mama watching the Polar Express, he leaned over to shower Asher with kisses as if to say “It sure is nice to have a brother like you!”

Happy Birthday to our Little Bear and God grant him many more years!


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Some Summer Fun

Summer has been busy around our house and the land that we live in. We’ve had fun times of all kinds, and while we would ideally like to keep it all archived and in order for you, some things just get put off day after day. So here are some of my random favorite photos of the past few months, with some notes.

boyland river

Colorado is in large part boyland. Not to say the little ladies would have as much fun doing the same thing; but we have boys, so it’s all about boyland. There are two Ashers (!!) in this photo who happen to share the same birthday. Little brothers in tow.

Ezra in river

Different day, different river, other friends — more fun! Ezra Loves to get right into the cool water to throw rocks.

Ezra best hair

Best Hair award to Ezra. Before I started cutting it again, that is. We won’t be showing those photos. Poor little guy was tripping over stuff, I had to do something!

Asher glamour

I turned on the fan and we had a glamour shoot, which Asher thought was funny.

ezra glamour

Ezra, not so much. Note the foot on the crib railing. Definitely getting closer to being capable of escape.

More proof of fun to come. Stay tuned.


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Rug Burn



Still don’t know exactly what happened but I’ve seen enough of these to know exactly what it was. Never seen one up the middle of the face, though. Poor guy must’ve taken quite a spill.

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The First Haircut’s the Toughest

Not entirely true, perhaps. I’ve had had some doozies since I was a little tyke, mostly at my own hands… Oops. Anyway, this one was tricky, and there were some tears, and it’s not perfect, but pretty cute, nonetheless.

Before, during and after, respectively.





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Ezra is One!!








Ezra turned one on the 28th of December. We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa Henninger, Uncle Mark and Aunt Sara, and friends Renae, Jason, and Simon. I felt sentimental and relieved, as well as an anticipation of what is yet to come. I felt the same way around Asher’s 1st birthday. Ezra enjoyed the snacks of cheerios and sweet potato puffs as well as his guests and presents. He wasn’t so much into everyone singing to him nor the carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Oh, well. He was still such a delight and we all love this little guy so much. It was a sweet, simple party. 

p.s. i made the birthday garland hanging up. thank you, courtney for your help. i followed the directions in one of my favorite creative parenting books, the creative family by amanda blake soule.


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Matching Truck Shirts

What else would I get for 39th birthday when Asher’s involved in the process? In fact all three of the Sittler boys got one!

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Cousins, Etc.


We enjoyed a recent visit from two-thirds of Neil’s immediate family, including 2 of the boys cousins. Here on the couch are brother-in-law Stephen, cousin Eamonn with Ezra, Asher, and Grandpa Don Sittler.

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